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Making sure your spraybooths are running safely and legally is an essential responsibility for all companies and managers.

There are many H&S compliance requirements that must be adhered to in order to ensure your employees are safe at work. The consequences of non-compliance can include prosecution of the Management and Directors. If you have this level of responsibility you must ensure that appropriate measures are in place to control and reduce risks as low as reasonably practicable, we can assist with your compliance responsibilities.

Our Approach

We work with you to conduct an initial spraybooth health-check, that site surveys your existing compliance arrangements, identifies the areas where you could improve and the frequency that servicing should be completed.

How can you benefit?

Extended Warranty – One to three years cover as standard and this can be tailored to suit your requirement

Breakdown Service – Priority will be given to all total care customers in the event of equipment failure

Conformity – We issue you annually all appropriate certification including EPA/LEV 


How do I take out a total care package?
Contact our sales team and we will generate a specific quotation based upon your own workshop circumstances.

How many services will I get a year?
We will service the equipment, assuming standard working patterns of 1000 hours. One major service per year.

Do you issue any certificates with the service?
Yes, we issue an annual L.E.V.certificate and a conformity certificate

How many filters does the package cover?
We provide ten sets of extract filters and two sets of input filters, per year, assuming you have a standard working patterns. We try and deliver filters to coincide with your planned service visit.

When do I pay for the contract?
We will invoice you on commencement of the total care package and then agree a quarterly or annual payment plan.

Can I extend my contract for more than five or three years?
Yes, total care packages can be renewed after the three year period at three yearly intervals.

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