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Evolution EQ Spray Booth

The new Dalby Evolution EQ combination spray booth oven incorporates the very latest technology, providing  the optimum paint application environment whilst minimising running costs. 

The Evolutionary Dalby ‘ProActive’ touch screen control system constantly monitors the activity within the spray booth and automatically adjusts airflow, temperature and lighting to optimise overspray clearance and bake performance whilst minimising running costs.

Featuring Performance, Smart and Economy modes with invertor controlled automatic pressure balancing, the airflow is automatically controlled to provide power consumption as low as 1Kw in Economy mode.  This unique technology allows the Booth to offer your business long term cost savings without compromising the quality or performance your business demands

With the high visibility LED mode indicator and countdown timer display fitted above the 3 leaf large window doors, the booth operating mode and count down timer is easily visible across any workshop.

The factory built air handling unit incorporates the fans, dampers and pilotless burner into  a single unit, enabling a fast installation and unrivalled levels of reliability.
Maintenance access from within the booth saves vital workshop space by enabling the booth to be positioned into a corner with no side or rear access required.  This space saving design helps maximise usable floorspace.

With rear extraction no pit is required, but the Dalby EQ is also available with downdraft air movement via pit extraction or with an internally ramped raised floor.

Cost Per Job Analysis
The Dalby evolution booths now have game changing technology which can monitor the real time running costs for your booth.  New PLC software means you can now track the usage of the booth, recording data against each individual or job reference number and monitor how long the booth is operational in each mode giving you accurate energy costings per job.  

This data is displayed on screen and can also be downloaded onto your laptop for more detailed performance analysis.  With the rapid cost of energy increases we have seen recently this is an innovative, new way to monitor costs in real time and see where operational improvements can be made to make further energy savings.

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